Patient and Nurse

Medical Social Worker

Medical social workers start by evaluating the psychological, social, or financial issues of our patients and provide them with assistance as needed.
We are hiring RN's and LPN's!

We make the necessary support available where and when you need it. We understand the stress you may get when you have been spending all your time managing a certain health condition, which is why our medical social workers are committed to helping you in any way they can. You can get support and confide with them all your problems regarding your condition.

Here are the services our medical social workers can assist you with:

  • Counseling

  • Hospital discharge planning

  • Crisis intervention

  • Mental health evaluation

  • Chemical dependency evaluation

  • Support group administration

  • Domestic issues investigation and reporting

  • Education to healthcare access and other resources

  • Coordinate various institutions that can help the family

Our medical social workers may be the right option for you or a family member. Please consult our care coordinator for more information about the benefits of this program. Call us at (321) 281-3038 or fill out this contact form >>